Kraft Paper Uses

Kraft paper, also known as paperboard or cardboard, is an everyday product used in an extensive range of applications, from point of purchase packaging at deli counters, bakeries and supermarkets – to heavy-duty industrial packaging. There are so many kraft paper uses. The versatility is possible as a result of its availability in a comprehensive range of grades, finishes, weight and colours.



Kraft paper is high elasticity and high-tear resistance paper, made from recycled chemical pulp. It’s available in 100-180gsm ranges and is offered in a natural brown, golden yellow, depending on the requirements of the particular business or manufacturer. Brown kraft are high-quality papers with strength, brightness and high tear resistance.

Choose your finish

MG (Machine Glazed) kraft

Machine glazed or MG kraft is known for its high rigidity and durability. An innovative processing method produces a unique high gloss on one side which gives MG kraft paper excellent density, and printability. 

MF (Machine Finished) kraft

This is the most versatile paper in the kraft family. Its stiffness makes MF kraft paper a perfect match for high speed converting machines. MF kraft is widely used in the manufacture of protective products, carrier bags, corrugated boxes & containers. 

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